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Cimarron Technologies C Plus III

Single Window Display Multi Format ANI Decoder

Multiple window dispatch display. 5 or more ID's viewable at a time.

C Plus III ANI decoder


  • MDC-1200, FleetSync, DTMF, and GE-Star compatible
  • 36 character LED display
  • Shows 5 or more ID's on the front display
  • Energency Acknowledgement
  • Unique Man-down and Emergency display
  • Programmable RS-232 Serial Output
  • Enable/Disable, Call Alert, Microphone Monitor &
    Select Call features available
  • DSP control for fast, reliable decodes
  • Trunked or Conventional system compatible
  • Real Time clock for time and date stamp
  • "Enunciate" function allows for unique tone sounds
    when specific ID's are received
  • Taxi bid mode that holds the first received ID
    in the main display until the display is reset
  • 8 Character DTMF decode with staus bit at end or beginning
  • Customizable message naming
  • Two open collector outputs for external alarms, auto dialers, etc.
  • Programming software and tests built into the unit
  • 100 to 240 VAC power supply included
  • 3-year warranty

Price: $1795.00

Dealers - CALL for reseller pricing: 1-800-654-9550

Optional Features

  • Alias: 4000 ID table allows a 27 alpha-numeric character output.
  • Encode with Ambush: Compatible with MDC-1200, GE-STAR, and FleetSync. Will allow long and short call alerts, Radio Check, Microphone Monitor, Voice Select Call, Radio Enable and Disable, Call Cancel, and some status reporting.
  • Authorize: Permits the user to program a list of authorized ID's into a table. The C Plus will then respond only to those ID's.
  • 2 or 3 Format Decode: A standard C Plus is user selectable for format. With 2 or 3 format option, the C Plus can be programmed to decode more of the listed formats.
  • Tone Remote: 125 ms tone burst of 2175 Hz followed by function tone.
  • Programming cable: 6 foot RJ-11 to 9 pin serial cable
  • Rack mount kit: 19" single or dual
  • Handheld terminal: Can initiate outbound messages
  • DC power supply: 12 VDC conversion available

Technical Specifications

  • Data Input: Single ended 30 mV to 12Vpp;
    Balanced 600 Ohms: -30 to +10dBm;
    Hi Z: -36 to +4dBm
  • Data Output: Single ended 600 Ohms: to 14 Vpp;
    Balanced 600 Ohms: to +10dBm;
  • Power Requirements: 5 VDC +5% at 2 amps
  • Dimensions: 8" x 6.25" x 4.75" (20 x 16 x 12 cm).
  • Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz (4.95 kg) including external power supply.
  • Sounder: Audible 3400 Hz 80 dB(A) at 2 feet. Programmable.
  • Rear Connector: Two separately removable screw terminal strips.

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