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TVS21 Taxi Video System

247 Security High-Res IR Taxi Security Camera with Storage System
Holzberg Communications - Authorized Distributor

TVS21 taxi video system


  • Highly secure encryption (Electronic Hardware Security Key)
  • High resolution images (720x480, 5 fps)
  • Solid state storage, over 360,000 images, 1,500,000 optional
  • Fast data transfer (3000 images/minute)
  • Event/Sensor triggers
  • Optional wireless inspection tools
  • Optional wireless data downloading
  • Optional GPS tracking and event recording
  • 1/3 CCD imaging technology
  • IR illumination technology eliminates hot spots
  • 3-axis ball-in-socket adjustment
  • Rugged, durable control unit
  • Tamper-proof data access protocol
  • Encrypted images to eliminate public privacy concerns

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Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 6.15" x 4.4" x 1.25"
  • Operating Voltage: +10V to +36V at 10W
  • Protection: Protection of Reverse-Polarity, Transient, Over Voltage on all connectors


  • Imaging Technology: 1/3 CCD
  • Single Camera Lens: High Definition 2.9mm/ 3.6mm/ 4.3mm Lens
  • Dual Camera Lens: High Definition 4.3mm/5.5mm/6mm Lens
  • Illumination: IR with proprietary technology to eliminate white-out (hot-spot) areas

Trigger Logic for Recording

  • Electrical: Selectable Active Hi, Lo, Edge Trigger Lo to Hi, Edge Trigger Hi to Lo, Level Trigger
  • Typical event trigger sources:
    • Door Open
    • Door Close
    • Taxi Meter On/Off
    • Panic Button
    • Brake
    • G-Force
    • Ignition On
    • Ignition Off

Recording Methods

  • Recording at 5 images per second
  • 750 images prior to trigger and continue to recording 750 images after trigger
  • When the storage space is full, old image files are erased for new image files
  • Recording Information:
    • Date/Time
    • Location/Speed
    • Taxi ID
    • TVS21 Serial #
    • Camera Serial #
    • Event Flags
    • Video Data
    • Audio Data

Storage / Secure Storage

  • Storage Media: Compact Flash, 8Gbytes to 32Gbytes, removable with security tool
  • Image storage capacity: 360,000 images to 1,500,000 high quality images
  • Capability for Tamper-Evident Security Seal
  • Each time the panic button is pressed, it creates 1,500 panic images in 5 minutes
  • The panic images are stored in a secure storage area and can only be erased when the secure storage area is full.
  • This secure storage area can store up to 15,000 panic images.

Image Security and Privacy

  • Proprietary Electronic Hardware Security Key required to access TVS21
  • All images are encrypted
  • Installer Key + TVSviewer software can setup TVS21 but can not view recorded video/images
  • Police Key + PoliceViewer software can view and retrieve video/images but can not setup TVS21
  • Inspector Key + TVSViewer software can view live video, check for proper operation, access the controller log (recording log file) and audit report generation

Data Connections

  • Transfer Protocol: Proprietary protocol
  • Images Download: 10/100Base-T network cable with Police Electronic Hardware Security Key + PoliceViewer software
  • Download Rate: 3,000 images per minute
  • Setup: 10/100Base-T network cable with Installer Electronic Hardware Security Key + TVSViewer software
  • Inspection: 10/100Base-T network cable with Inspector Electronic Hardware Security Key + TVSViewer software

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