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Welcome to Holzberg Communications, Inc.

Manufacturers and distributors of two-way radios and other communications and electronics equipment.

We offer excellent quality, quick delivery, and unbeatable prices.

We have years of experience providing affordable solutions for hotels, security, maintenance, hospitals, fleet dispatch, public safety, police/fire/EMS, and more.

If you are a dealer or a reseller, please contact us to learn about our competitive pricing.

DB-ANDY dual band radio

DB-ANDY Dual-Band Radio

NEW Two Way Radio Antennas & Mounts
F6 two way radio
We offer high-quality, high-performance
two-way radio FM Transceivers at a better value.
cimarron technologies ani decoder
We are a provider of
Cimarron Technologies Multi Format ANI Decoders.

We originated the Cimarron Technologies AH-5 ANI Encoder,
compatible with MDC-1200/GE-STAR.
comlink repeater

We carry ComLink UHF/VHF Repeaters / Base Stations.

And more!

Newest additions:  Mobile Radio Microphones, Antennas from EM Wave, Taxi Security Cameras
and our compact Dual-Band radio .

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